Palaye Royale - Cut Up Design Project

Well, we are two months into 2018 already and I still have not managed to get a blog post out prior to this. January through February was insanely busy, something that I was not expecting at all based on previous experiences in the past few years. However, I have managed to outline a few blog posts and planning to release at least one weekly. I have plenty of topics written down from detailing out design projects (like this one) to recommendations and more lengthy discussion based posts. Also, I have made it a habit to save all my sketch sheets from the projects I have worked on so far in 2018. Hopefully, I'll be able to share some of those in posts like this once approvals start to be released.

Starting off the first of many design posts is a design I did for Palaye Royale. This was created back in April of 2017. After being asked to work on some merchandise concepts for them, I began researching the band to see what kind of vibe and direction they were using at the time. I found that they seemed to like collage styled pieces, as they had a few approved t-shirts in this style as well as in their videos from their recent record. I used all this as inspiration and decided to create a piece 100% from scratch (obviously, not the photo as that was provided and their symbol). Being able to create something by hand and just go with the flow is also a cool direction to explore. This brought back memories of creating art as a child, cutting pieces up, piecing them together, utilizing my handwriting in this rough style, etc. Original scans can be seen below.

I am not the biggest fan of my own handwriting, but I am learning to utilize that as an asset. I have come to realize that my handwriting, as obvious as it is, is unique to me, and I should use it whenever it fits. Some elements here were not used in the final product. I just jotted down quick elements based on inspiration I referenced earlier and then after everything was scanned in, I decided what to use or what felt right for the rest of the design.

This design is easily one of my all time favorites due to the custom value of it, and I plan on creating more graphics completely from scratch in the future. I have already applied this to most of my 2018 projects, as I see fit (sometimes it is not doable due to the deadline, budget, brief, etc). 

You can find this design online at